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Why work with influencers? Here's what they can do for you:

Image by George Pagan III
  • Increase your revenue

  • Grow your engagement across your platforms (websites, newsletters, social) 

  • Solidify current customer loyalty

  • Stir up additional brand buzz through customers discovering you for the first time

  • Capitalize on new exposure through word-of-mouth sales

  • Provide slick content you can use across your own pages

  • Establish trust in your brand that can't be done by ads alone

  • Ensure your brand stays current, exciting, and something that's talked about

  • Gain honest feedback about your brand


Some of the work we've done with local and international brands and the results that came from it:

Dunkin’ Donuts

A Location Takeover For Influencers and Fans 





Dunkin' wanted to show off its $2 for 2 medium coffee deal while rewarding local brand fans for their loyalty.

NYC Social Club was hired to do a takeover of a local Dunkin spot where influencers were invited down in the morning for free coffee, treats and entertainment. For the rest of the day, Alex helped promote the location, encouraging his fans to come by for free treats, swag and the $2 for 2 deal!

Over 50 influencers stopped by in the morning, all authentically posting for exposure rather than pay. They saw 2 million+ impressions from the influencer's post and that specific store saw a rush of traffic for the next week. There was also a 4% uptick in $2 for 2 sales in NYC for the next two weeks.

Over 50 influencers stopped by in the morning, all authentically posting for exposure rather than pay. They saw 2 million+ impressions from the influencer's post and that specific store saw a rush of traffic for the next week. There was also a 4% uptick in $2 for 2 sales in NYC for the next two weeks.

Fun Biz

Influencer Marketing at the country's largest state fairs






Fun Biz, family-owned independent culinary creators serving the country's largest fairs

Fun Biz makes innovative, creative food capable of going viral but needed to stand out amongst hundreds of other vendors. Their goal was to attract attention at The Texas State Fair (2 million visitors), California State Fair (1 million visitors), and Minnesota State Fair (2 million visitors)

NYC Social Club ran influencer events to promote Fun Biz at each fair. We were able to bring in some of the country's top Instagram and TikTok influencers including Raina Is Crazy (3 million followers), SupDaily (1 million followers), and Delaney Walsh (1 million followers) among others to sample and create content.

Food sales for the fairs we ran events at were $150,000+ higher on average than the year. NYC Social Club has worked with Fun Biz for the last five years and has helped increase sales on average 10% annually. 

By curating a customized pool of top relevant influencers, NYC Social Club can help a business find a crowd who's waiting to discover them and spend money.

Fun Biz 2.png

HBO and AT&T

An Early Immersive Westworld Activation at Flagship Stores






HBO, creator of the show Westworld, and AT&T, one of the largest telecommunication networks in the country.

To showcase the latest season of Westworld, HBO partnered with AT&T to draw crowds to a series of immersive "techno-western" experiences at their flagship stores across the country.

NYC Social Club curated a specialized group of local pop culture and entertainment influencers. We brought in this highly-engaged, curated group to check out the experience before anyone else and drive national promotion, turning the AT&T store into a must-see location.

AT&T experienced a record number of visitors to their store to check out the experience, up 45% from the activation they had done previously with DC Comics.

NYC Social Club got the right people talking about the Westworld brand to create essential, additional marketing. We knew the earlier you get influencers to talk about it, the better if you want to optimize results from launching something new.

GROW and Tastebase

A scenic snack fair for independent brands!






GROW, a leading consumer packaged goods marketing company and Tastebase, a startup showcase snack discovery.

Both GROW and Tastebase needed to drastically increase subscribers to their sites and promote the independent brands they work with.

NYC Social Club brought 21 independent snack brands to a beautiful chateau in Beverly Hills. Here, they showed off their creations to 150 influencers plus media, who came to sample and learn about GROW and Tastebase.

Both websites saw an over 30% increase in traffic to their sites and new subscribers. Represented snack brands reported growth in local sales post-event.

NYC Social Club combined similar brands to create exponentially more promotion and cumulative growth.



Here's what people have said about working with Alex and NYC Social Club

“Alex understands people. What they want, need, and have to have. Because of this, the work he does with events, with influencers, with community, is incredible. He has contagious energy, truly cares and delivers above and beyond. Because of this, if you’re looking to build your brand and create real results in the process, you need to hire NYC Social Club, Alex and his team right now.”

- Bieke Claes, Former CEO, The Belgian Chambers of Commerce

"Alex is a joy to collaborate with. We worked on several events together and he was very responsive and easy to work with. His creativity really helped create events that were not-to-be-missed."

- Victoria Kent, Founder, Victoria Kent PR

"In today's world where social media dominates and travel budgets are cut, companies need to understand that meeting in person not only is good for the soul but builds connections and enables networking like nothing else can. Alex is an expert, he's efficient, he's organized, and he's more than passionate. He is a credit to any organization who desires to build their brand on a person-by-person basis."

- Christie Fidura, Director of Developer Community, Salesforce

"In a word? Exceptional. Alex Shebar is a force. The basics all covered: punctual, polite, well-spoken, effective communication, humble, enthusiastic, bright, intelligent and fun. The extras: creative, driven, raises the bar for himself and others around him. He's passionate about his community, his role and his company and it shows. Highly recommended!"

- Colleen Curtis, Community, Reddit

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